Nathan Herman

Nathan Herman
Nate Herman Hempfield Kiva

Treasurer, Hempfield Kiva

Innovation and entrepreneurship are powerful catalysts for accelerating economic growth and reducing extreme poverty.

Kiva Club helps us to reach people who want to work hard to get ahead.

Nathan Herman

Growing up in a large family with entrepreneurial parents, it was obvious that hard work, toughness, and a strong community are essential to reaching goals. The mission of Hempfield Kiva appeals to me because those are the same characteristics of people borrowing through Kiva who want to build better lives. By developing a strong lending team here at Hempfield High School and friends who support our cause, we will be able to raise funds that will change lives by lending to small entrepreneurs who otherwise may never receive funding.

I have always liked things that are a challenge.

Throughout high school, I have also been active in Future Business Leaders of America, MiniThon, Ski Club, and Outdoors Club. Hempfield Kiva has been a unique experience in learning more about global economies, politics, and people facing extreme poverty because of conflict or other difficult conditions. It has been great to manage the club finances and support the membership, planning, and fundraising committees as we increase our numbers.

Through Kiva, it is easy to for anyone to learn about borrowers all over the world who need the financing for tools and the support to achieve goals and climb out of poverty. I equate it to being a distance runner who needs a great pair of running shoes and the crowd cheering him on to reach the finish line.

I think that is why I love running. The same determination that drives me as a student, programmer, and volunteer is what motivates me to go the distance as a member of Hempfield High School’s Cross Country team. I like the far off finish line and racing hard to get there–no matter what it takes.

Kiva gives people a chance they would not otherwise get to start their businesses and support their families. I like that they can get on their feet and pay back their loans because of their hard work, innovation within their communities, and people who believe they can succeed.