Free Course on Udemy Teaches You to Take Action Against Poverty

Learn How to Take Action Against Poverty

A FREE Course by KivaU on Udemy

Kiva U aims to help build the next generation of leaders who think critically about sustainable and empowering solutions to poverty.

Join nearly 3,000 like-minded people who want to take action to stamp out poverty through sustainable economic growth.

Enroll for FREE in Udemy-hosted online course, “Action in a Complex World. This course was developed using curriculum from Exploring Poverty, supported by KivaU partner Citi. Founded in 2013, Kiva U is an innovative education initiative created through a partnership between Kiva and Citi, in response to a powerful grassroots movement of students and educators passionate about understanding microfinance and wielding it to help end poverty.

Throughout the online course, students will reflect on action they have taken in their communities and explore action taken globally to address poverty alleviation. Students will identify the complexities in taking action on important issues and apply this to their own lives through 14 lectures and 34 mins of content.


Students explore the value and impact microfinance and international aid as tools for poverty alleviation. Use the lessons learned from debating global issues to take action on a local level.

The course is broken into 4 sections, each finishing with a quiz and an opportunity to reflect.

Lesson one is about taking action: what it means and different ways to get involved. Students will have the opportunity to reflect on action they have taken in their communities and schools.

Lesson two focuses on poverty. We’ll learn more about what poverty is and how complex it can be.

Lessons three and four explore actions taken globally to alleviate poverty. We’ll focus on two ways to tackle poverty: microfinance and international aid.  

4.3 stars  and 2,771 Students Enrolled in the Course

The course is free and will give you a deeper understanding of how microlending can help change lives.  TAKE THE FREE COURSE