Kiva Loans and Donations. What About Taxes?

Kiva Loans and Donations. What About Tax Deductions?

Is my Kiva Card purchase tax deductible?

Kiva Cards are intended to be used to make microloans on Kiva’s website.

Kiva loans are not considered tax deductible donations because there’s a strong possibility that the lender will be repaid.

Kiva Card purchases are also not considered donations.

This is because Kiva cannot guarantee that loans will be repaid or that lenders will recover any of their principal.

Donations to Kiva’s operating expenses, unlike loans to borrowers or Kiva Card purchases, are eligible for a tax deduction in the United States.

That said, if a Kiva Card you purchase is not redeemed, it will automatically convert into a donation to Kiva one year from the purchase date. At that time, as the purchaser, you will receive a receipt confirming the donation (which can be considered a tax deductible donation at that time).

You can also log into your account to see the amount of your contributions that will be tax deductible.

Learn about Kiva and tax deductible donations. 

For more information about Kiva Cards, please visit Kiva Card terms and conditions: