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Learn about Hempfield Kiva Club Committees!

Provide leadership within a Hempfield Kiva Committee by contributing your time and talent.

Gain valuable, demonstrable experience that colleges and employers seek, and feel proud about it.

Work on projects independently, within your committee, and  with the entire club to make big things happen.

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The IDEA COMMITTEE is tasked with identifying opportunities to raise funds through creativity, diligence and vision. If you love a challenge, this group:

  • Brainstorms, solicits, and logs fundraising and event ideas
  • Adds recommended ideas to meeting agendas
  • Presents ideas, concepts, timelines, recommend fundraising goal and rough costs to club at meetings
  • Researches costs, resources and support needed, timelines, challenges, and opportunities after idea is endorsed at club meetings as viable and worthy
  • Shares ideas and details with the Planning Committee for their action

Collect and share your brilliance here.

Download the Idea Committee job description, and sign up to help!

The LENDING COMMITTEE is charged with identifying loan recipients, telling their stories, updating the club about loans. This team:

  • Facilitates lending guidelines, such as single mothers, entrepreneurs in oppressed regions, or elderly people
  • Identifies Kiva loan recipients based on lending criteria
  • Chooses recipients and recommend amounts at club meetings or via via email or group texts
  • Adds link to Kiva recipient to club recipient document and share their story for approval by club members at meetings
  • Writes one or two blog short posts (title, post, excerpt/blurb, and link) each month to share recipients’ stories, including a link to the recipients’ Kiva pages
  • Shares Lending Committee-authored blog posts with the Design, Promotions, and Website Committees for their action

The Lending Committee shares Kiva borrowers here.

Download the Lending Committee job description, and sign up to help!

The PLANNING COMMITTEE develops the outlines and details for fundraisers and events. This team shares their plans and recruits club members to help reach the goals! This group:

  • Works with the Idea Committee to outline details and needs
  • Develops special events and fundraising outlines
  • Communicates plans on shared planning documents
  • Shares plan and updates with club during regular or special meetings
  • Executes plans
  • Recruits and manages club members to help execute fundraising activities
  • Reports on successes and challenges
  • Works with Financial Manager to ensure funds raised are tracked and received

This committee gets club goals accomplished and shares their plans here.

Download the Planning Committee job description, and sign up to help!

The PROMOTIONS COMMITTEE shares compelling narratives that engage our audiences with stories that touch our hearts. You’ll share club news, write Kiva borrower updates, and promote fundraisers, special events, supporters and sponsors on the club blog and social  networks. This communicative committee:

  • Regularly follows/friends social networks of Hempfield schools, sports and community-related people, local churches, community leaders, businesses, etc., on Twitter+ to encourage follow-backs, so people see our news and promotions
  • Writes and shares blog posts about events, borrowers, Kiva, and the club with Website Committee for their posting
  • Posts fundraising promotions and news on club social media
  • Writes and publishes Kiva recipient stories throughout personal and Hempfield Kiva social networks
  • Develops advocates (parents, teachers, peers) who will amplify the message via their networks-social and live
  • Tries to develop (social media and personal) relationships with media so they will tell our stories
  • Launches additional social account like Instagram and Facebook pages, or share through Snapchat and SMS
  • Explore amplifiers and crowd sourced promotions like, and and–2#/ (sample) to share your goals, as well as stories of success and challenges

NOTE: Every member can and should submit a two paragraph+ blog post for sharing, not just people on the Social Committee

The Promotions Committee manages their work here and uses this document for planning.

Download the Promotions Committee job descriptions, and sign up to help!

The DESIGN COMMITTEE creates the graphics for social sharing, blog posts and fundraisers. This committee also manages photography of club events. This team:

  • Creates graphics for promotions, fundraisers, events, blog and social media posts
  • Uses online image tools such as and other sources for creating images
  • Maintains Hempfield Kiva’s image library and shares new images with the SOCIAL and WEB committees
  • Establishes a consistent brand identity for Hempfield Kiva for imagery
  • Ensures that any non-student photos of people have model releases signed
  • Uses free or club-licensed images and oversees image and design quality for materials produced
  • Coordinates club photographers and collects photos for future promotions

NOTE: Every member is encouraged to submit photos for club use.

The Design Committee manages and shares images here.

Download the Design Committee job descriptions, and sign up to help!

The WEBSITE COMMITTEE updates the Hempfield Kiva website and posts articles on the blog. This group:

  • Adds new users as subscribers or authors to the website
  • Posts blog articles along with categories, tags, titles, excerpts, featured images, post images, videos and slideshows
  • Adds  SEO terms, alt attributes, titles  to posts’ meta
  • Updates WordPress and plugins weekly
  • Informs the Promotions Committee when new posts are scheduled to go live and shares links
  • Creates shortened links (bit.y, or for the Promotions Committee to post in social shares

The Website Committee collects and manages blog posts and images, and stores pre-posting web content here.

Download the Websuite Committee job descriptions, and sign up to help!

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